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Another damn blog...
10 June 2010
Bet you didn't know it was edible...
Mood:  cheeky
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Topic: Herbalism

Well, going outside is something I do everyday. I garden, smith, wander, walk the Daschunds, commune with Plant Spirits, and gaze at the wild flowers and weeds that grow in abundance around here.

But, I bet you didn't know this: Dandelions are edible.

Yep, that white weed that grows in your lawn and garden... Or on the side of the highway like around my house.

The plant is nutritive, meaning it has minute amounts of minerals and vitamins in it's sticky and somewhat bitter sap. It starts out as a beautiful yellow burst, then turns into a white puff that superstition around here states : If you can blow it all to the wind in one breath, your wish will come true.

The plant is entirely edible, albeit an aquired taste.  Medicinally, it contains Inulin, sugar, laevulin, and an amorphous, bitter taraxacin.

In layman's terms:

Inulin - can replace flour, sugar, and fat in diets. It's also good for a preservative of food, if you're trying to go the organic route. It's slightly sweet, so adding a few leaves to the salad gives it a slightly sweet twist. It will give you energy without all the added calories, if you're trying to down-size. It's used in preventitive medicine mostly, with increasing your calcium and magnesium absorption, and helps those with intestinal disruptions with acting like Yougurt - bringing healthy bacteria to your intestines. 

Laevulin - A polysaccharide, which is anbiochemical term for storing things like starch and energy.

Taraxacin is what helps with gastric secretions. Like I said, it helps in preventitive medicing for those with bowel upsets.

As a medicine, it has a slight laxative effect, and a diuretic action on the body. Using the fresh root is the best remedy. Placing this plant in your daily food intake keeps you regular, healthy, and gives a boost of energy when you're feeling the 2:30 itis.




Posted by bottledhammer at 1:14 PM MDT

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